Buck 65

Buck 65 - Surrender To Strangeness

Fightin' with the neighbours and screwin' the wife

Hip hop music ruined my life

I bitch and I moan, I lie and I cheat

Waiting for the night when I die in my sleep

I listen to the jukebox and sit by the bar

Taking care of a dog that got hit by a car

Praying for salvation, needing a miracle

Drowning in new music and reading material

Shoe laces untied, telling people I'm rich

Who can't tell the difference between real art and high kitch

Mouth like a broken bottle, crooked and bottomless

Half wolf, half crow, half hippopotamus

Sturdy as a paper bag, as well, my face is flawed

But keeping the fire going by the grace of God

And I'm loathe to think that we missed our chance

To find a way out of this downward dance

We got it all wrong

Singing a song with a rock in my mouth

Nobody knows what I'm talking about

Lost without a marketing plan and a stylist

Here comes the vilest nihilist finalist

Once and for all, barbed wire and rope

The most beautiful woman is strung out on dope

Slowly the music, died, died, died

Three white horses side by side

Last change to change, you better hurry, quick

Laying in a bed, wide awake and I'm worried sick

Completely out-foxed, I hide from the phone

And I swear this pen has a mind of its own

Jaws that go through solid steel, a clenched fist

A breath of fresh air for once and a French kiss

The weight of the world and collapsable me

I'm talking about trouble with a capital T

We got it all wrong

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