Buck 65

Buck 65 - Riverbed 1

I take my orders from the street lights, wind at my shoulder

The afternoon is grey and the air is getting colder

I'm old fashioned and on foot, passionate and fascinated

Wide eyed awake and ready for anything

Navigating side walks, dry docks and back alleys

Always in and out of elevators and hallways

I'm out for a walk and following the human currents

I'm in no hurry, I need no reassurance

Curfews and perfumes, excuses and costumes

Customs, corrections, fuss or directions

Even the leaves have taken on lives

Deprived of their privacy, purpose and property

Probably runaways, they play catch

With stray cats that stay at the girl's school

The city's a whirlpool

There's too much going on, there's too much garbage

Too much to choose from, too much carnage

There's not enough quiet to think straight, it's not a stunt

Maybe I will make my way back to the waterfront

This is where the people are slightly unsavoury

With no time, possessions, labor or slavery

Neighbors without names neglected and hip-checked

Stripped down to nothing, fallen and ship wrecked

Completely uncalled for, way out of line

Stranded, branded, weathered and abandoned

These are counter clock wise

The despised with swollen noses and tears in their eyes

And tears in their clothes and time on their hands, they sleep walk

Full of that cheap wine and cheap talk

Everything gets washed away at the pier

The best you can do is play it by ear

Wishes sink to the bottom and doubts float

I'm afraid of the water and I live in this houseboat

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