Buck 65

Buck 65 - Pubic's Tube

Pubics tube--


stinkin rich is x rated


guess whos squirtin', comin', playin' with the kitty cat

it's uncle climax with a fist full of titty fat

shaggin' like i don't give a cripple-crap-crutch

with a tennis ball machine and a nipple grab touch

watch this, if you've got panties that crotchless

and you look like stella kewan

im a jack rabbit fella screwin'

tryin' to please, i got a flyin' trapeze

in my bedroom, pocket balls

wood-panelled talkin' walls

good channel connected to the cable with the news on

flannel bed spread, i'm baby naked

leave your shoes on though, you might need 'em

over off the edge of the bed hangin

bubble fuck, head bangin'

sideways, double tuck

i got a private dorm, carbonated spanish

flyin' diet form, with new age music on vinyl for the quiet storm

methods and techniques and symmetrical forces

full of i need a few more electrical sources

your last boyfriend was borin', and i'm not as choosey as him

in the beginning i'm goin' face-first with enthusiasm

he never knew about this, he got no style netiher

i've got this move that starts off

lookin' like a pile-driver

comin' at ya three dimensional

we don't need to be conventional

i've got 2 friends and a zoom lense

forget about the problems in the middle-east

your student loans, the tropical rain forest

let's get nude and groan

flames of desire in my heart are burning true

sweetheart i love you but my balls are turnin' blue

so let's rock, i like seeing thighs

and feelin' hands on my body

we need some low-hangin' ceiling fans

i already got a tickle trunk and a battle axe

we can giddy-up until the leather in the saddle crack

flatten the mattress, you better batton the hatches

i got a dick-wad like nobodys business, partner

i see that look in your eyes you're thinkin' or a certain bone

i'm tryin' to make you wanna scream and moan

so get a grip on the rung

i wanna find all the places on your body

with the tip of my tongue

positions vary from the missionary

and climax wraps best

once we get back the results of your PAP test

we can screw and do stuff


stinkin rich is x-rated

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