Buck 65

Buck 65 - Protest

The sun is shining on full blast, it's garbage day

Air in my tires and all my cares are far away

I'm looking like a million bucks, feeling good and sort of frisky

Plus enough money in my pocket for a quart of whiskey

Tattooed tear drops, confetti, I've learned to trust

My animal instincts, when farmer's fields turn to dust

This is the day we've been waiting for all our lives

So let's write letters to our parents and call our wives

Raise the flag, let's take a drive and raise our voices

Celebrate our differences, build a bridge and praise our choices

There's babies crying and it makes it hard to go to sleep

Some days are throw aways and others you're supposed to keep

Time waits for none of us, even though my watch is slow

And nothing's for certain but I'm searching for sasquatch

And you know what, the unknown is all part of the plan

For a runaway soul and a hard loving man

Protest, I've had it up to here

See ya, get lost, this is what we think of your ideas

Protest, we're not going to take it

We've been through it so make a wish and break it in two

New beginning, I've washed my hands and made my bed

Maybe I'll turn on the television or shave my head

I'm getting kind of bored with the same old cheese and crackers

My plan's all inside out, my reason's backwards

Some new air in my lungs is what the doctor ordered

But being exposed makes me feel kind of awkward sort of

Give me a shot in the arm first, the clock's ticking

I'm watching the water boil, I like to let the plot thicken

I'm ear to ear with good intentions and vibrations, I'm on fire

Sometimes I conspire with Vaughn Squire

Sometimes we go alone, over hills and through the sewers

Try to keep our edges sharp and learn a few maneuvers

The whole world is drying up and everybody's eyes are red

It's hard to see or even try to guess of what lies ahead

But you know what, the unknown is all part of the plan

For a runaway soul and a hard loving man

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