Buck 65

Buck 65 - Jaws of Life

I used to march around the playground with my friends

Yelling we hate girls and now all's well that ends well

And there's so much to be said for fresh starts and second chances

In a world of scary monsters and high tech advances

I try to do what I do with love instead of with anger

And when sometimes I bite my nails 'cause real life is a cliffhanger

What with only seconds left at the end of the 10th hour

We got emergency ways to respond to the Nth power

The alloys are light weight and increasingly durable

But as far as I'm concerned, the original is preferable

I'm stubborn that way, I piss while humanity waits

My motto wouldn't fit on a set of vanity plates

The watch in my pocket maybe indeed old and tarnished

But at least I can raise my hand without a shoulder harness

You know I can easily replace my lungs with a respirator

My ?pants? with a DV and my staircase with an escalator

But my life revolves around the spherical orbit of earth

And it ends forever with the miracle moment of birth

On the first day of spring, I start work on the fall edition

And decide for myself who's a thief and who's a politician

It's two different things on different pages of the calendar

I gauge the way I react on the age of my challengers

I row my boat gently against the current and I believe

In real life and death experience and keeping and even keel

What's that Dim, Stop that racket (2X)

Damn that noise, I'll kill them all

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