Buck 65

Buck 65 - Hot Lunch

I look good, always, but especially today

Professionally fresh on display like hey

Take a picture, its not a dream I'm flat out gorgeous

Maybe its because I eat a lot of oranges

I don't know I can't help it, I'm not even tryin

Really, I'm hot you think I'm lyin?

Look at my ass and pants, give it more than a passing glance

Stare at it a while

Compare it to a peach, each cheek if you can bear it

Breath me in deeply, I'm like an airy breeze

Whipserin, blowin through the branches of the cherry trees

I'ma treat em, a nice little surprise for your eyes

Look too long though and it could be your demise

It ain't a disguise, I'm flyer than an eagle

Sky's the limit besides the fact that I'm barely legal

Its too easy, I'm sorry I can't help askin it

And bad news I'm gettin better lookin with every passin minute

I'm pretty, pretty, but I take it all in stride

Thing is I'm even more beautiful on the inside

I'm nice, I'm so nice, with the winning smile I'm stylish

In fashion, make a wish with my eye lashes

I'm magical, actually casual traditional

Mystical, in top physical condition

Well oiled machine, perfectly peachy keen

Its freaky really equally squeaky clean frequently

I look good and you look, but not as good as me

I'm so dope

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