Buck 65

Buck 65 - Cat Piss

On the longest day of the year I was married

And kissed my wife while she was being buried

(la la la la la la)

...I've been spending most my time

Living in a pastime paradise and I'm

Given opportunity to see the poor thing

And when I find my place in it, yeah, I know how to be

I got ... bad timing like a fake Rolex

I've been reincarnated, now you know how I'm rated X

Burned last time, cremated in fact

And I should have went through when they told me how to act

And I wish I had it in me to bring you back, true

My spot is a burial plot made for two

I got plenty of open space (la la la)

And I'm hoping if you had to go away, you'd ask a better place

Needle myself, on point like a thumbtack

Kiss myself in the arm and then jump back

I'm going to go nut from the inside, but it's hard

I dug a little hole for you - at the graveyard

You gotta be brave, God, help yourself (la la)

Whether or not we can be alone together

It was all so perfect when you were here, but then you left

So high up in the sky and out of breath

"You went away"

I only fully understood after you were gone, you meant

All that could be realized with a visit to the monument

Teach me about the birds and the bees, while

I pray aloud in the words of a freestyle

(la) Can you dig it? Carry me away, goin' on

I play the head of cheese and introduce you to God

It's easy to write about hard and you see

I had a fucked up dream that I was in all again

... ... ... I'm so indecisive

I think taking a chance is what the meaning of life is

And I'm lost but inspired by the aura that radiates

From the soul of a girl named Fatal

The weight'll be worth withstanding the endeavor

Where we can be reunited at the gravesite forever

We could be together if you could have stayed for real

The weak will endure (la la) 'cause we are made of steel...

"You went away"

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