Buck 65

Buck 65 - Attack Of The Nerds 2001

"I'm 65 I'm not retirin'"

I don't care about you're tippy tappy typist

The happy hippies tryin' ta say that you're the hypest

Yeah you can spell but your soul is made of silicon

You got no skeleton, you're talkin on the telephone

That's why I'm off the hook, and I'm on stage with Moka Only

In style city, makin people smile pretty

Or else I'm at the race track with Prince Vince for instance

Been doin this thing since we were infants listen

I don't play, not with kiddies and card sharks

Naw, North American man, I like titties and car parts

And study star charts and cloud formations, meticulous

Religious, its rather ridiculous

Really though I'm playin xylophone on your sister's ribs

Pickin out Christmas decorations with Mr. Dibbs

Shootin pool with Kid Koala talkin bout our girlfriends

Rollin with the Molemen til the day the world ends

And why not, I gotta lotta love and some airmiles

One of the best hairstyles slash fashion combinations

And conversations with Greg Nice in Austin, Texas

I'm off the checklist, life on the road is often reckless

Startin the day off right with some Cap'N Crunch

Chomp, later on me and Swamp'll grab some lunch

Probably, walkin til my legs get wobbly

Don't put your hands in the air its not a robbery

Don't say ho unless you're wearin a toupee

I'm gettin together with the Stero on Tuesday

Shoppin for shoes, I can't stop the bleedin

Where's Top Speed when you need em huh?

I'm callin Jimmy Castor to get me past the recipes

The rest of these referees and rest in peace indefinitley

I'm desperately lookin for the perfect beat to break in half

My back is killin me, and I really need to take a bath

It makes me laugh, some of these kid tactics are drastic

Just ask Cut Chemist from Jurassic

Meanwhile, me and Slug are doin arts and crafts

Drawin charts and graphs with my friends from the Livin Legends

I'm out here with Styles of Beyond playin frisbee

Until we get dizzy then we go and get a freezie

Point is I'm easy goin, no need to hide for

But some folks really need to get outside more

You can't chop wood with an axe made of words

Its attack of the nerds 2001

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