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Twist the world to fit the mold of what you think is right
Colors of the rainbow are really black and white
Clutching at the straws of faith, you're hanging by a thread
Weave a line of lies or you must face what's in your head

[Lead: Perry]

Dial your tomorrows and don't think about today
Desperate empty hearts leaving mind in disarray
Daily dose of fantasy is there for you to read
Caught up in the circus that the media portrays as real

Look now who is crying
Look now who is lying
You'll find you'll die trying
You'll clutching at straws

Doctrines inspired by fear, insight slowly fades
Frustration has you in tears
From confusion you have made

[Harmony Lead: Dan & Perry]

Contradict all that you hear
Your hope slowly fades
The shadows keep drawing near
From illusions you have made

[Lead: Dan]

You're sailing a darkened sea, not knowing when you'll go
In search of new tomorrows, still pain is all you know
Running out of excuses you can take no more
Sad but true your story ends, you saw nothing to live for

Look now who is crying
Look now who is lying
You'll find you'll die trying
You'll clutching at straws
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