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Obsession... burning me, 
carving me from inside my head.
I am suffering frustations of deepest kind.
I am getting weaker but my lust keeps growing.
I am out to get you.
Obsession. Obsession.

Inside my burning heart.
Till the end of time.

Obsession... You are feeding it,
with every step,
with every breath you take.
I've been watching you.
I've been following your every move.
You cannot see me,
but I can see you.
I've been following.
I've been here since the dawn of time!

Inside my burning mind.
Till the end of time.

...the end is near now
...I'll be close enough
...and you will fall victim the srongest love
...our death will be
...a beautiful one know you belong to me

Inside my burning heart.
In the end you're mine...

Obsession...the end is here now
I am close enough...2gether 4ever
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