Boogie Down Productions

Boogie Down Productions - Ya Know the Rules


Aiyyo, aiyyo Kris they know the rules

Hahahahaha, yeah ya don't stop (say what?)

A-ya don't stop (BDP in the house) a-ya don't stop

(Check it out, check it out...Yo, D!)

Yo bust it, yo yo Kris hold on

Let me give a shout out to some people, aight bust it

A Scott LaRock, and ya don't stop

A Sammy B, and ya don't stop

A Mister Cee, and ya don't stop

A Cool V, and ya don't stop

Evil E, and ya don't stop

A Easylee, and ya don't stop

A DJ Scratch, and ya don't stop

A Spinderella, and ya don't stop

Jam Master Jay, and ya don't stop

A PA Mase, and ya don't stop

So yo Kris, my mellow my man yo

Get on the mic and do the best you can

Verse One: KRS

Well, the teacher comes to you, in effect

From a different style, a whole different sect

I inject, force and intellect

When I hit the mic, suckers hit the deck

I come correct and practice what I preach

I don't pimp you or rule you I teach

Come through the doors and slap up whores

Ordering them to put back on their drawers

Cause, I run their pimp

When I leave he leaves with a limp

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