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Bon Jovi - Never Say Goodbye (chords) guitar tab

Never Say Goodbye:

J.Bon Jovi, R.Sambora

(G)As I sit in this smokey room,

(BM)The night about to end,

(F)I pass my time with strangers

But this (C)bottle's my only friend

(G)Remember when we used to park

(Bm)On butler street out in the dark

(F)Remember when we lost the keys

(C)And you lost more than that in my back seat

(G)Remember when we used to talk

(Bm)About busting out, we'd break their hearts

(F)Toge(C)ther, (F)Fore(C)ver


Never(G)say goodbye, never (Bm)say goodbye

(C)You and me and my old friends

(D)Hoping it would never end

Never(G)say goodbye, never(Bm)say goodbye

(C)Holdin' on we got to try

(D)Holdin' on to never say good(G)bye

The song continues and ends like this.


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