Boehse Onkelz

Boehse Onkelz - Ohne Mich

scared i'm gonna trip my fingers

these fingers stuck in your third eye

as i gotcha paralyzed your heart venture

bad tidings residing in liberal

until nightfall i might crawl outta the shadows in your sleep

cuz my wristbone's connected to the hand bone's connected to the

jizz nasty i can never let it walk on by

why do i feel so high when it strikes mid-knight in shining armor

cybernetic snake charmer

all you can get

your sweat glands and pores in your skin

release spores from within leviathan

can't hang unless you swing by the neck

untempered instrumentals got you smooth

as thinking continental cruise

your core bruise until your spine and

press rewind too many times

and catch several shurikens

to your mind and soul as i swallow it whole

i see you grippin on

cybertron optimist call me crypticon

synchro on quartz tryin to thwart the uppending doom

croonin like coyotes at the moon

when its almost high noon niggaz swoon like ninjas

unite west coast avengers

drift fine swollen member

sparkling crackling

tackling stacked assailants

medievel magicians practice under heavy surveillance

the ultimate quartet indestructable unpredictable

symbolic sorcerers collaborate with one trick to pull

the trick is to focus

make millions from swollen billions

seek the weak and destroy

soldiers controlling civilians

deploy the daredevil dimension

competition cringes

they couldn't get open if they came equipped with hinges

addicted to dope injected by swollen syringes

this flame thrower singes and burns you to a crisp of ashes

i'm ill suffer from constant hot flashes

bad rock annihlates violator retaliates

vertibreaker will mutilate

ghost causing sirens

hands of hostility strangling evil tyrants

who worship the power plant i've seen many strange things

protect the sacred circle and beware of the changelings

move the masses changing your acetone mono

we're high tech phonos slash ??

labyrinth spreading chaotic activity

wide open door frivolling away like cumulus clouds

your a black rose lost in my black flag

motel strange corridors

with the only sensor receptacles receiving technical difficulties

mics philiac ??

no gimmicks

a patch over your left eye


while the venomous

serum leaks in your heart print

indent a paragraph and the message is sent

transparent sentiments

that are radioactive

and leave a fritz like apocalypse

leaving the former ??

attempt your consciousness like triplets

back to back to back like ???

in a foreign country we still excavate doves

isolate you to a torture

merchants in my village

remains of no life just cold breezes and past souls

mistaking fake saviors

blessed in his own castle

now its just relics left back ??

and the color is tinted

enter the uncensored sensor of lord magenta

a member of mensa doctor mind bender

middle earth fabric tearer like ??

my crushed velvet cape drags through the quicksand

and long last and scribe masters with poisonous penmanship

summer equinoxes and winter solstices shift liquid land

i lift my crooked hands and orchestrate

the blatent containment of force so florescent

youre surely asking for your melting pot

to be a meeting spot

for contaminate contestants

even nostradamus couldn't predict these Nosferatus

with advanced sharpened lance and pierce you

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