BOBBY movie

BOBBY movie - Na Chaahoon Sona Chaandi lyrics

Why don't you tell me

How you feel about me

Cause I think I feel the

Same way about you

Why don't we just get together

I wanna be with you forever

I've always loved you ever

Since the first day that I met you

We were the best of friends

But I want something more

I plan on telling you every time

I show up at your door

I see the way you look at me sometimes

And I fantasize about you at night

And when I wake up and it's just a dream

I feel so sad and incomplete

You're like the car I can't afford

When I'm with you I'm never bored

The girl I never had but knew

That I can spend my life with you

Believe you me

It's you I see

I close my eyes you're here with me

I wake up sleeping next to you

And baby if I had the time

And dreams came true

I'd be with you tonight

Baby you will find that

I'm so in love with you

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