Blood Sweat And Tears

Blood Sweat And Tears - Youve Made Me guitar chord


From: (Andrew Rogers)

Subject: ./b/blood_sweat_and_tears/youve_made_me_so_very_happy.crd

"You've Made Me So Very Happy"


intro (horns and organ):


verse 1:

Ebm7       Dbmaj7

I'd lost at love before

Ebm7        Dbmaj7

Got mad and closed the door

Ebm7                 Dbmaj7

But you said, child, "just once more"

Em7 Ebm7

     I chose you for the one

Em7 Ebm7

     Now we're havin' so much fun

Em7 Ebm7

     You treated me so kind

A7sus4 Ab7sus4

        I'm about to lose my mind



You've made me so very happy

                            Dbmaj7   Bb7

I'm so glad you came into my life

verse 2:

The others were untrue

But when it came to loving you

I'd spend my whole life with you

Cause you came and took control

You touched my very soul

You always showed me that

Lovin' you is where it's at

(repeat chorus)



[Eb   F   Gb   G  Ab Bb Eb]  

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