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Still edgy and earnest but with a twist

Posten on: 2007-02-07 05:29:17

A Weekend In The City - 2007Bloc Party return with a follow-up to their debut million selling album ‘Silent Alarm’. Sophomore albums present an element of great concern: repeat the formula of your first release and face criticism for not developing, change too much and lose the fans who loved your intial sound.Well, Bloc Party have done a little experimenting of their own. On this album, main lyricst Okereke dwells on more profound topics such as homosexuality, drugs, war, terror and enters an area most familiar to bands like Radiohead, U2 or Coldplay.Remarkably honest, A Weekend In The City shows great potential from the very beginning, but although the ideas are there and lyricly it is a strong album, the band lacks in execution.With this album release Bloc Party clearly show signs of developing into a great art-rock band, transcending from clobbering crunk-influenced beats to tender techno ballads.Track ListSong For Clay (Disappear Here)Hunting For WitchesWaiting For The 7:18The PrayerUniformOnWhere Is Home?KreuzbergI Still RememberSundaySRXTThe bandKele Okereke - Vocals & GuitarRussell Lissack - GuitarGordon Moakes - Bass & VocalsMatt Tong - Drums

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