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G |
D |--9-(x4)----8-(x4)----7-(x8)-----6-(x8)-------0-(x8)
A |
E |
First and second time^ . Third time 0 changes to a 5

Heavy riff

D |----------------------------------------------------------|
A |-------------7--7-----------------------------------------|
E |--5--4--0---------0--5--4--0--6--7--7--6--6--5--5---------|


A |---0--2--7--5---|
E |----------------|


G |------------------------|
D |------------------------|
A |--9--11--0--7--9--5-----|
E |------------------------|
Play each note 16 times


G |--------------------------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------------------------|
A |----0 (x16)--------7 (x8)---------5(x8)-----------|
E |--------------------------------------------------|

Verse 2

G |-------------------------------------|
D |-----------14----------14-------14---|
A |---12-12-----12-12-------12----------|
E |-------------------------------------|
Use this pattern for the notes^ the rest of the notes are as follows

G |-------------------------------------|
D |---------11---------11-------11------|
A |---9-9-------9-9-------9-------------|
E |-------------------------------------|

G |-------------------------------------|
D |----------7-----------7--------7-----|
A |---5-5--------5-5---------5----------|
E |-------------------------------------|
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