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you're not too younge to understand
just because someone can be older then you
doesn't make what you saw was unreal,because i know
what i saw was real don't fool me i know what you do together
is true would you just listen and please just understand


you're never too younge to understand
just because i'm a child doesn't mean i
have a weird imagination ,just because
i am a teenage girl doesn't mean
i see things wrongly ,

all i've wanted was you to just remember
you're not too younge to understand
life can get better by the day ,you just need to be paitence
hold my hand make sure you don't blow away with the wind

i'm always changing,i'm always feeling sorts of emotions
with my new friends with my new beauty ,with my new everything
it must be too big for you to take and live in your house
my hair isn't really preicous but baby you are.

never too younge to understand
never too late to see something real. happen

don't go the wrong this one
i put trust in you, i hold you so the wind don't take you

never too younge to understand
never too late to see something real.happen
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