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e: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 18:09:22 -0500 (EST)

Song: Sometimes
Band: Blink-182
Album: Cheshire Cat (1994)
Written by Blink-182 (words by Mark and Tom)
Transcribed by Luke Knox ( e-mail me!!

This is a great song off of Blink's rocking and hilarious fist album,
Cheshire Cat, which you should run out and buy now. Enjoy:

Intro: [Play this 2x]
(Guitar 1)
Em C G D

Then, guitar 1 keeps playing the Em-C-G-D progression, while Guitar 2
plays this riff: (I'm pretty sure about the timing, but listen to the CD
to get it right)

Em C G D Em C G D

Em C G D Em C G D

Verse: Em C G D (4x)

Chorus: C G Em C (2x)

Song order: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse chords 2x.

How I wish that they would last. Moments of peace that just go through me
so fast. Just when I think that they are gonna stay, everything inside of
me just starts fading away.
Sometimes it seems like all I hope for just gets thrown down on the floor
and then it seems like you don't love me anymore. Sometimes I wish that I
could run away. Sometimes I wish I just had something to say.
She looks at me and doesn't know the word to say. But it's not you I just
don't feel quite right today. All these things I say and do were never
planned. But how the fuck am I supposed to make you understand. . .

That's it!! Please send me any comments, questions, requests, changes, or
anything else on your mind. Thanks.

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