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G |------------------------------- ---------------------|
D |------------------------------- ---------------------|
A |---0-0-0-0-2p0---0-0-0-0-4p0--- x4. Then hit --------|
E |-------------------------------------- ---0----------|

Intro riff 2

G |---------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------|
A |--4p0-0-0-0-0-0------------------|
E |---------------------4-----------|


G |-----------------------------------|
D |-----------------------------------|
A |-----------------------------------|
E |----0-0-0--------------------------|
At very end of verse


G |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |--------------5--------------5-------11--9--5--------------5--------|
E |---5--4--2-------5--4--2-------5---------------5--4--2--------------|


G |---------------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------------|
A |----------------5--7-------------5-----|
E |---5--2--0------------5--2--0----------|
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