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			               SHIT PISS... - Blink-182

Ok people this is my first tab and its pretty accurate, its the only one on
the web, if you do alter it a bit and post it on the web give me some
credit, just say tab done originally by Jason. So heres Blink 182's "Shit
piss fuck cunt coksucker motherfucker tits fart turd n' twat"

 intro    palm mute*
e------  ------------------------------------------------
B------  ------------------------------------------------
G------  ---*7777777*---*4444444*--*-6666666*--*7777777*-
D----6-  ---*7777777*--*-4444444*--*-6666666*--*7777777*-
A----6-  ---*5555555*---*2222222*--*-4444444*--*5555555*-
E----4-  ------------------------------------------------

G----*7777* 7---*4444*--4----*6666*--6---*7777*--7-------

e------------------------------------------------ ----------
B------------------------------------------------ ----------
G----7777777------4444444-----6666666----7777777- ----------
D----7777777------4444444-----6666666----7777777- --6-------
A----5555555------2222222-----4444444----5555555- --6-------
E------------------------------------------------ --4-------

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