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[Verse 1: Slow V & Retrospect]
[Slow V:] As soon as the compact makes contact
Slide in between and the laser's on track
The treble and the bass operate on track
It's one fact, the shit becomes a chain reaction
[Retrospect:] The main attraction, bass impacting
'Till quakes shake your dandruff and break attachments
Windows start shaking, car seats quaking
You think you smell flames when the speakers start blazing
[Slow V:] The bass is booming the floor's reacting
Screws start popping 'till the roof's detaching
Your wheels are rumbling, your gears get shafted
Your car's in action 'till your window's blasting
[Retrospect:] Now the land is shifting
Your transmission is in a bad position, car frame's bending
Bump it 'till you hear thump from mad distance
Noise 'till the oil in your motor starts boiling
[Slow V:] The noise makes your trunk and your hood pop up
The speakers is flaring till you breaks lock up
Screaming now you hear the speakers bleeding
Heating until you feel your engine steaming
[Retrospect:] Combustion, musical eruption
If claustrophobic then move cause' the car's exploding
All for wheels pop out in directions
There's no more car it got lost in the message

Explosion, do you feel the shit we flow with?
Blast it, 'till this shit's flaming ashes
Drastic 'till you feel your ass impacting
Havoc disastrous, massive fractures

Yea bump it 'till you feel that shit
Yea bump it 'till you feel that shit
C'mon bump it 'till you feel that shit
Just bump it 'till you feel that shit

[Verse 2: Retrospect & Slow V]
[Retrospect:] Your parents ain't home, it's safe to raise tones
Go ahead turn it up to your say so
Your tables are shaking it really don' faze you
Turn up the bass 'till ya neighbors complaining
[Slow V:] Craving, just the sound got you racing
Blazing 'till you see your drapes is waving
Bass-ing, even got the ceilings quaking
Chandelier bouncing, pictures shaking
[Retrospect:] Now the ceiling is peelin the chairs are spinning
Tiles are shifting the whole house is drifting
Plates start falling in the kitchen all is ending
You're scarred but you optimistic
[Slow V:] You're too far in so you can't turn back
Turn it up a little hear the pictures crack
The tables in the house bounce front to back
The cracks in the ceiling even make the walls detach
[Retrospect:] With all of that civilians catch heart attacks
Where malls be at, past to the Laundromat
If you turn it up, the highways would crash
And even your own hairline gets pushed back
[Slow V:] But you don't give a damn so you turn it up
The floor caves in, everything fragile busts
The house falls in pieces concrete lifts up
You dodge in time, just to see the stereo burn up



Louder, Louder, Louder, Turn it up

Keep goin', Blast it

Surround Sound [x3]

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