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You thought we was gone, but we ain't never left man
There go them hustlers, 7-1-3

[Yung Redd:]
I raise my head in the clouds, mo'fuckers I'm high
Can't clip my wings, mo'fuckers I'm fly
24 inch tires, on whatever I drive
Nevermind get yours partna, I'ma get mine
With no regards, y'all left me to starve
Came back to clap niggaz, like a round of applause
Gave sight to the blind, when they was trying to see
The last of a dying breed, what you trying to be
From the home of Scarface, Bun and UGK
Fat Pat, DJ Screw my tape was grey
Ay no question, I'm the best kept secret
Woke a couple niggaz up, yet the rest kept sleeping
Payback's a bitch, and this time we even
How quick niggaz forget, but I'm right back breathing
Yeah, it's big bidness over here man
This year's my year, y'all niggaz scared man

I'm not at all dreaming
But in the back of my mind, I hear the crowd screaming
That we back nigga
I'm not at all dreaming
But in the back of my mind, I hear the crowd screaming

[Lil Ron:]
Make room, for the next generation
Headed to the ceremony, without an invitation
Patiently waiting, you gracefully hating
On the other hand, see it gives me motivation
Check my past, the young cat that came up fast
Cops flash them badge, I smash the gas and laugh
They best bet, is to catch me on the rebound
But that's impossible, with this new spot we just found
I'm out they reach now, I can gather my thoughts
In a couple of hours, meet me back at the house homie
Because I can't, let 'em take me under
And I ain't leaving, till the man call my number chump


Yeah niggaz, we fresh off hiatus mayn Sucka Free
Yung Redd-Lil Ron, know I'm tal'n bout
Humpty Hump, holla back
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