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Title: Im Lost Without You
Artist: Blink 182
Tabbed by: cromwell07
C# C Bb
I swear that I can go on forever
C# C
Please let me know that my one
Bb C
bad day will end
Bb Ab C#
I will go down as your lover, your
Bb Ab C#
Give me your lips and with one kiss,
we begin
C# C
Are you afraid of being alone?
Bb C
Coz I am, I am lost without you
C# C
Are you afraid of leaving tonight?
Bb C
Coz I am, I'm lost without you
C# C Bb
I'll leave my room open ' till sunrise
for you
C# C Bb
I'll keep my eyes patiently focused
on you
C# C
Where are you now I can hear
Bb C
footsteps I'm dreaming
C# C Bb
And if you will keep from waking
to believe this
(Repeat chorus)
(Do intro chord pattern 4x)
(Repeat chorus 2x) lost without you
for my friend, Ossi

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