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once again i am abandoned all hope is lost, what else is new?
and i can't go on thinking about it
how in the past you've failed so many times
i thought it would've been a wake up call by now
but i guess theres always something new you have to find out for yourself

so many lessons have been learned, so many bridges have been burned
into the back of our memory
as far back as it goes and still nobody knows...

some things will never change
some things will always stay the same
some things have no meaning but it's okay we might not make it anyway
some things will never change

can anyone explain to me what the word pathetic really means?
at first it was funny but now it's an insult
i'm not angry
it just seems that everywhere i look there's another person having problems instead of me
what has this world come to when all i see is me?

it makes no sense to me
none of this can be happening
but I'll stick around with my feet on the ground waiting anxiously
and i just don't agree
with some of the stupid ideas
you heard me

cause i am abandoned
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