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Reality has checked my me
Time is expecting what I've been rejecting for so long
My body is calling, energy level is falling,
And I've found I'm not as strong as I used to be

Is it all about security?

I need to provide to stay alive,
Build a future,build a home
10 years from now thime will run out
Just want to slow bad time down
But 10 years ago felt like yesterday,
Now a family seems so far away want to fit more in
But don't get me wrong - responsibility isn't a bad thing

Am I judging men by how they'd father my children,
Rather than for who they are
The only thing I'd imagine hasn't really worked out the way I thought,
And the only thing my life has brought is uncertainty

Is it all about security?

Thought one day I'd wake to be a woman
Thought one day I'd wake to be a woman
Thought one day I'd just wake to be a woman

Is it all about security?
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