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Bob marley: even the spiritual environment
Igher divinityrastaman
Dilution which is like earth create
Because the earth come back from what it wants
Someone is trying to be as powerful as god.

Hereís a little story that must be told. (2x)
Come on (2x)
Concrete jungle
Hereís a little story that must be told. (2x)
Come on (2x)

Verse 1:
No solution in my day today
The high yellum wonít come out to play
I said darkness has covered my life(oooh)
And has changed order(oooh)
Where is this love to be found (whereís this love to be found)
I would say that life must be somewhere to be found (sweet life)
Instead of concrete jungle(jungleohoh oh)
Concrete jungle(jungle)
Man you have to do your thing yeah. (jungle)
Oh yeah.

Come on

No chains around my feet but Iím not freehere now
I know I am bound here in captivity
Never know
Never known happiness
Never known
Never known what real
Well Iím always laughing like a clown (oh)
I said iíveIíve got to be passing from off the ground yeah (ohinstead of)
Concrete jungle (jungle)
Illusionsillusions (concrete jungle)
Concrete jungle (concrete jungle)
Ohno no no
Concrete jungle

Yeahyeahyeah (come on)
In the lions den
You hear the cry of the dying men
The lions in
Every puddle about it then
You try and win go against the blind to win
Itíll put the eye of the tiger in iron men
The heart beats like animals in dark street
Starve to eat
In the jungle itís concrete
Instead of wood we use the metal to draw heat
The habitats the hood
They single the God beats
The tribals in a deadly game of survival
Read you koran and your bible
When the merciful get merciless
We need to read psalms 82 verse 6
Its real so make you sure you do real thing
Females never forget your still queens
Feel it till you feel free with wings
And the male we ainít got to kill to be kings

Concrete jungle (jungle) (come on now)
Concrete jungle (come on) (3x)
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