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Artist: Blink 182 
Song: Cacophony
Album: Cheshire Cat 
Tabbed By : Rishesh Singh ( 

Bass intro: 
Geetar intro: 
Verse riff:                                                                              
(Verse riff) 
x1                        x2                      x3                
When u talk about 2morrow i'm not sure about 2day when u 
                         x4                        A          
tell me that u love me what am i supposed to say sometimes  
F            A        C      F 
i don't feel the same way as u feel 
(geetar intro x1) 
(verse riff) 
x1                 x2                       x3                             
words like forever scare the shit out of me maybe i'm afraid   
              x4                               A         
of commitment maybe your 2 distracted 2 c that sometimes  
F            A        C      F   
i don't feel the same way as u feel 
C, F, G, C, F, G, 
C          A                  F                                     
i think of all the things i'd say to you if i had the chance  
      C          A                       F      C                                  
again i think of all the things that i'd scream and i think  
     A                 F               C              A                         
it's for the best when u and i just don't connect and things  
                          F    E          F       C               
are never quite what they seem will there ever be someone to  
G                   E         F           C      E          
give her heart 2 me or will i b 2 blind 2 see it i wouldn't   
F            C           G           E         F                   
make a sound i'd keep it underground it always seems like i'm  
C       G   
running around 
C, F, G, C, F, G,  
A         F            A        C      F        G, C. 
sometimes i don't feel the same way as you feel
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