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hey every1 not sure about this but here it is anyway:

v1    C        Am              Em
       i never thought i'd die alone
                        F                C
       i laughed the loudest who'd have known
                      Am               Em
       i traced the chord back to the wall
                          F                  C
       no wonder it was never plugged in at all
                  Am             Em
       i took my time i hurried up
                      F                  C
       i choice was mine i didnt think enough
                Am           Em             F             C
       im to depressed to go on, you'll be sorry when im gone

chorus:  C           Am             Em
          i never conquered rarely came
                    F               C
          16 just held such better days
                     Am             Em
          days when i'd still feel alive
                      F              C
         and couldnt wait to get outside
                         Am             Em
         the world was wide too late to try
                       F           C
         the tour was over we'd survived
                    Am             Em
         i couldnt wait til i got home
                       F               C
          to pass the time in my room alone

v2:     C           Am              Em        
         i never thought i'd die alone
                    F              C
         another 6 months, ill be unknown
                      Am               Em
         give all my things to all my friends,
                           F               C
         you'll never set foot in my room again
                           Am         Em
         you'll close it off, board it up,
                      F                       C
        remember the time that i spilled the cup
                  Am           Em
       of apple juice in the hall,
                    F                   C
       please tell mom this is not her fault

chorus2:     C          Am           Em
           i never conquered, rarely came
                      F                C
           tomorrow holds such better days
                     Am            Em
           days when i still feel alive
                        F            C
           when i cant wait to get outside
                         Am                Em
           the world is wide as time goes by
                        F           C
           the tour is over i've survived
                   Am              Em
           i cant wait til i get home
                        F               C
          to pass the time in my room alone

thats pretty much it, if u have any suggestions, email me at  
        luv yall
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