Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton - Love Gets in The Way guitar chord


Blake Shelton

Album: Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill

2004, WB Records

Submitted by: Christopher R.

5:02 AM 10/22/2004

Intro: (D) (D) (A) (G) (D) (D) (A) (G) x 2

(D) Little by little, now babe

I've (A) come a long, (G) long way

(D) Picking up the pieces

That (A) you threw a(G)way

(D) Did you give it up

(A) Did I let you (G) down

(D) Either way, it doesn't matter

Cause I'm (A) finally comin' (G) 'round

I (Em) hope you (G/F#) find where (G) you bel(A)ong

(Em) Hello - (G/F#) goodbye

(G) Life goes (A) on

(D) In another (A) town, in a little (G) place

Looking in the (A) eyes of a pretty (D) face

I ain't no (A) fool

I (Em) know (G/F#) what she's (G) think(A)in'

I can (D) hold her in my (A) arms

But, I could (G) never let her (A) stay

Cause, (Em) love

(G/F#) Your sweet (G) love

Still (A) gets in the (D) way

(D) Minute by minute

I hear the (A) voice in my (G) heart

(D) Be a man, take her hand

And (A) make a new (G) start

So, (D) I think a little less

(A) I drink a little (G) more

(D) Cause, all in all she's everything

That (A) I've been waiting (G) for

She (Em) smiles that (G/F#) smile

I (G) face the (A) fact

(Em) Love's a give and (G/F#) take thing

And (G) I can't give it (A) back

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

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