Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton - All Over Me 3 guitar chord


Blake Shelton


CD: Blake Shelton

2001, WB Records

Submitted by: Christopher R.

September 11, 2003

Intro: (A9) (A9)

(A9) There was a time

(F#m7add9) I really used to (A7) care about what (D) others thought

And the (A) way they talk

(A9) In a crowd

(C#dim) I used to pull away when she would (Bm) kiss my face

And (D/A) touch my hair

(G) She didn't care (G/F#) who (Esus) saw (E)

She was (A) all o(D#dim)ver (D) me

And (Esus) I used to (E) let it get (A) all o(D#dim)ver (D) me

And now to (Esus) prove that I (E) love her

I'd (D) crawl on my (A/C#) knees for the (Am/C) whole world to (Bm) see

Now that she's (Dm) all over (A9) me

The (A9) sky is blue

But from (F#m7add9) where I stand in the (A7) middle of (D) this heartache

It (A) sure looks gray

(A9) All alone

What I (C#dim) wouldn't give if (Bm) I could feel

The (Bm) familiar touch (D/A) of her love (G) holding me (G/F#) a(Esus)gain (E)

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

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