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Early 70's Album That Inspired Heavy Metal To Come Into Being

Posten on: 2006-01-09 07:21:41

Paranoid - 1970These songs from Black Sabbath from the 1970 album Paranoid must be the envy and inspiration of every hard rock and heavy metal band that’s come into existence forever after. The title track and Iron Man are probably so well known that there is no meaning in describing them, but still i'll do it anyway. The song Paranoid is a psychedelic piece that became an instant hit and helped make the album a smash, the song is rather expressionless and together with Rat Salad the only songs that falters a little. Rat Salad is a an instrumental tune that has about the same structure as Zeppelin’s Moby Dick, and you can almost tell that it was designed to host a lengthy live drum solo. War Pigs, Hand of Doom, Electric Funeral and Iron Man are heavy Sabbath songs of absolute master class were they also show that they now can handle long songs without making the mistakes they did on their debut. Iron Man has to be one of the most effective and recognisable riffs in rock history. Fairies Wear Boots offers some jazz inspired sections and Planet Caravan is a very mild, very quiet song with bongo-like percussion and Ozzy singing in a state never heard again on any album; a lovely song and a lovely vocal performance from the vocalist.Black Sabbath did really take a huge step forward with this album compared to their eponymous debut. I can’t for the world imagine anyone not liking this record and I also imagine that everybody already either own it themselves or have heard it, but then, there must be somebody out there who hasn’t – for them my advice is to obtain it, and do so fast.

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