BLACK MOON - 6 Feet Deep

At night I can feel the vibe in sight

straight through the individual in flight

Everybody got hit when I bust heat, I had to let the 1-2 guage...speak

Why? Because we Murder MC's everyday, motherfuckers don't play

Straight from the under, whenever I see the wonder, I wonder

How, nuff punk niggas got caught let's start, the art is the choclate

I'm sparkin' it, play the quarterback, hut, so I can get a nut

When I take a pull niggas your dead bwoy what?

I'm talking to you and your whole crew, pick 'em out

Whatever one you want dead first

save the best for last cause I got a verse

That'll burst like Bubble Yum, troublesome

dumb niggas in the back on crack thats...


"6 feet deep in the crease" (x16)

Verse 2:

Thunder, thunder from the one

the original one to pack heat like the sun

Pull a gun, niggas better run, FAST, nigga what?

Nigga bring apon cock on ass

Look behind and feel the heat from the devil on your back

I'm pullin' a mac, hum, now learn your lesson, now Smif-N-Wesson

Recognize that Heltah Skeltah's on the rise

and you can look into the eyes of a devil

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