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Police to Black Eyed Peas: Turn it Down or Turn it Off!

Posten on: 2008-05-29 20:56:14

A Black Eyed Peas' show was cut short, as police forced the hitmakers to throw in the towel due to complaints that the sound was too loud. Performing an outdoor concert at an event marking the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego police officers arrived to shut the show down, E! News reported. Being the lady that she is, Fergie very calmly informed the fans that the show would need to be cut short, but not before playing their smash hit "Where is the Love" which they reportedly, perhaps a little facetiously, dedicated to the police who waited near by. According to a Hard Rock representative, the show was only 90 minutes into it's scheduled rump-shaking agenda when the police requested that they pack it in. Apparently, locals were complain about the loud music, some from as far as two miles away. In addition to the concert, the Peas designed a suite for the hotel. All of the profits gained from the use of the pea-themed room are to be generously donated to the Peapod Foundation, the band's personal charity.

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Taboo of Black Eye Peas Arrested for Drug Possession

Posten on: 2008-05-29 07:32:57

I guess to be an entertainer, especially a rapper, you have to smoke weed.  Maybe smoking weed, make you rap better. Another rapper has been busted for possession of marijuana.  Taboo (A.k.a. Jaime Luis Gomez) of the Black Eyed Peas was charged with possession of marijuana while driving.  Why can't these guys learn to hide their weed.   Taboo (31 year old) was arrested in March following a minor traffic accident in the City of Industry, near Los Angeles. Police found him in possession of a small amount of marijuana.  He faces a maximum $200 fine for the two misdemeanor drug charges, and no jail time. His arraignment is set for May eyed peas-pump it

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