Biohazard - Survival Of The Fittest lyrics

Only the strong survive

Living all these days for myself, not you

Mind your own business I do what I do

All of you who like to preach all day

Now hear what I have to say

The smell of leather makes me high

I feel good inside when you cry

nor remorse is felt when you sigh

because skin keeps me warm and dry

Chorus (2X)

To wear my boots, I'll take a hide

To feed my face, I'll kill with pride

In this world of survival

Those with strength will have no rival

I'll smile as I drive down the street

sitting in my car with plush leather seats

survival of the fittest and that is the beat

and I eat all of the meat

Don't get me wrong

I come from the streets

I'll tell you now it's strong over weak

You slow - you blow

and you will meet your defeat

Now you will understand


You will understand now

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