Biohazard - Never Forgive, Never Forget lyrics

I welcomed you with open arms

To share my pride and glory

You said you searched for a better life

At least that was your story

You caught me off guard with your deception

And now I'm just seeing red

I rid this world of your fucking infection

Never forgive, never forget

Never forgive, never forget

Eye for an eye, life or death

Never forgive, never forget

Kill or be killed with no regret

I am justice and I am the law

Excectioner, judge and jury

You preyed on human tragic flaw

But now you face my fury

A favor to the world, I erase your life

Covered in blood I dance to your death

For crimes against humanity, I'll finish the fight

Never forgive, never forget

Now it's killing time, vengeance is mine

You're the lowest form of fucking life

I dare even call you human

My heart breeds hatred, terror and spite

My revenge will be your ruin

May your family die a thousand deaths

No remorse, no idol threats

Clock strikes twelve, I take my respect

Never forgive, never forget

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