Biohazard - Make My Stand lyrics

You want to break me down every fuckin day of your miserable life,

You try to take away everything, everything from me

Beaten down by society, torn apart by humanity

There's no way out of this misery

I'll fight forever fearlessly

You can take away the weapon from my hand

But you can never change who I am

Make my stand

Control the money, control the people

The kind of the wasteland rules

The power to conquer a dying nation lies in the hands of a fool

To give your life in the name of a cause only feeds the fire fuel

As god screams, he moans in regret

Is vengence so fucking cruel

I have seen the way you've wrecked my fellow man

So I gotta fight to save myself

Make my stand

The time has come to destroy anyone

That tries to stop me, my fight has just begun

Motherfucker you could never ever step to me

I too will die for what I believe

Come out of the shadows and show your fucking face

You half a man

Step up and face me toe to toe

Knowledge and power blow for blow

You're a liar, a coward, a thief and a fool

Now I make my stand

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