Biohazard - Love Denied lyrics

A child is told from day number one

He's a worthless piece of shit, bad and dumb

Generations pass down low self self esteem

We're molded by things we've heard and seen

Or punched in the mouth for being unsure

Or locked behind the closet door

We learn what we live, we live what we learn

Abuse of innocence to evil we turn

Can anybody hear their cries

Can anybody tell them why

You gotta read between the lies

People die when love is denied

One of many lessons i learned to be like

You ain't gonna live like you

You made me what I am today

So close to you, yet so far away

The pain you lived with made you ill

An empty hole with nothing to fill

I forgive and love you forever still

A waste of time, a waste of life

Livin' on the edge of a sharp fuckun' knife

I can't blame you for never being around

I know you never meant to hurt and bring me down

Look in their eyes to hear their cries

And you will see all their pain lying dormant inside

Now realize as time passes by

That people die when love is denied

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