Biohazard - Kill Or Be Killed lyrics

The taste of blood erases all the guilt

Tear down the walls and all that was built

As history repeats we kill without thought

Do onto others is what we're taught

I can't go on I'm losing my faith

Lost all hope in the human race

Walking tall, kill or be killed

Stronger than ever we will rebuild

Scavenging for something more

Something wordth me dying for

All is fair in love and war

We will avenge and even the score

Kill, Kill or be killed

Revenge evens the score

Death for a cause

Live for nothing more

We gotta stand up and fight, let's ignite

We gotta put our shit behind us, it's time to unite

Like dynamite we'll explode and take back what is ours

And never let them win again, die you fucking cowards

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