Biohazard - Justified Violence lyrics

Tough times ahead of me

Tough times behind

I fight for my life, I fight till I die

I fight to save my mind

It's justified violence

It burns from within

Sometimes a man must fight

It's not always a sin

It's not a sin !

Justified violence

Justified violence !

An innocent victim becomes the pun,

hat thriving fools in search of some fun

It's not fun to fight ten to one

Some won't accept it

that you won't conform

Like bees upon honey the animals swarm

Unjust acts come back to you, I warn

Chorus (2X)

Thos who don't fight fair,

you'd best beware

Fight to be yourself

Do unto others

as you'd have done to you

A beating was given in an unfair fight,

revenge is planned, a posse in the night

Street justice decides wrong from right

For the blood and the honor

the sucker will pay,

we will show them the meaning of prey

Today is judgement day

Chorus (2X)

When you're latying face down

and you're part of the ground

What comes around goes around -

Justified violence

When you're down in the streets

get back on your feet

Defending you're pride for justified


Justified violence

Justified violence

Justified violence

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