Biohazard - Heads Kicked In lyrics

The cold winds of war, numb the nations soul

They taste the bitter fear as a grim future appears

Criminal leaders building hate

Under siege the world segregates

The day has come, the end is at hand

The earth a corpse, a barren waste land

Cower in fear, humanity prays

Blood upon, our final days

No god can grant any salvation

There's no escaping incineration

Bound and tortured, heads kicked in

Children slaughtered, heads kicked in

Nations ruptured, heads kicked in

Lives aborted, heads kicked in

In this world terror reigns supreme

The earth a carcass with its bones picked clean

Inpending doom, too little too late

Clenched inside the fist of fate

With savage bloodlust, we feed on the kill

Self destruction, our only true skill

Will our children ever get a clean slate

Barbaric society, united in hate

The charred remains of war machines

The lifeless twisted bodies

Blind eyes that peer from their heads

The crowded carraiges of the dead

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