Biohazard - Gone lyrics


You keep me down, I don't need you no more

Bad feelings gone, you can't hurt me no more

I've spent most of my life fucking around

Now it's getting me too down

It's a waste of my time hangin here

It's too late to change me


I'm set in my own ways,

Life's too short to worry about your say

I'm at the end of my rope when I'm with you

I don't think I'll make amends

When you get outta my light,

It's too bad that I won't miss you

Now it's time I move on with my life

I doubt I will say amen

I'm set in my ways, it's my way to live the way I love to live my life

My choice to live my life

My choice to live my life

But my life is short, it's coming to an end

I doubt I'll make amends, I doubt I'll say amen?br>

I'll never make amends, I'll never say amen?br>


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