Biohazard - End Of My Rope lyrics

Where to run to, where to hide, much too full to swallow my pride

But I'm still haunted by something inside as if another part of me has died.

Paralyzed, I close my eyes, the pain inside surrounds me.

Petrified, life fades away, at the end of my rope I'm waiting.

Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone, empty inside, out of control.

My heart a void, my empty soul, until it's filled I'll never be whole.

How did things ever get so bad, sinking empty, full of despair

I find myself alone and scared, in a world where nobody cares.

A hopeless end, afraid deep inside

Relief from my pain, the end a suicide.

The tears I've cried have left me blind

I yearn to find peace, a presence of mind.

I said I'd stand with you forever if you needed me

Help, arm in arm, hand over fist and carry you when necessary

Like a fool I thought we'd walk tall forever all as one

When the going got tough you stopped pushing and turned to run.

I tried so hard, so sad to watch you drown.

You turned and pointed fingers at the truest friend you ever had,

And I prayed to God you'd find relief from the things that made your life sad.

We were down forever, together forever all as one,

But when the time came to step up and do it right, you turned to run.

I tried so hard, to help you hold it down

You never helped yourself, so sad to watch you drown.

I tried so hard, to help you save your life

You never helped yourself, shut the door and say good-bye.

You and me, eye to eye, hands tied together, live or die

Walk tall forever, all as one, never again, you turned to run.

All for None

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