Biohazard - Dead To Me lyrics

You hate me and I hate you back

But there's a difference between you and me

Ignorance and fear pervade your small mind

You forfeit your right to live in peace

I want you to know that I will never rest

For a signle moment of your miserable life

Surgically I cut you from my world

You are my cancer and I am the knife

I cut you off, forever and a day

Never again will I look your way

You beg for mercy on your knees

No remorse, you're dead to me

You're dead to me, you're fucking dead to me

I gave you light to live in my world

But one last time you pushed too far

You selfish motherfucker, now the damage is done

You can never turn back from all out war

You can lock me down, but I hold the key

Cuz there's nothing in this world that can ever break me

Heart and mind strong, I forever stay free

My last words to you, you're dead to me

I watch you stumble

I hear you fall in the dark

Try as you may, you just can't see you're too blind

Trapped in the mirror of your dark soul

You fall again, this time from grace...

You land alone


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