Biohazard - Beaten Senseless lyrics

Beaten senseless in everyway

Life dissappears, get's blown away

New world chaos in disarray

A second to die and forever to pray

The time has come to push to fight, to die, to live

This time I take the fall

Don't sort them out just kill them all

Just never push my back against the wall

Beaten senseless, violent relentless

No hope defenseless, beaten senseless

Now you pushed me over the edge

Can't take it no more, I'm seeing red

Beaten senseless over the head

Never gonna stop until your all fucking dead

Vengeance is my only thought

Rage, abuse, the wars I've fought

Self preservation is self taught

Turn your back and you'll be caught

Crushing pain intensity a violent beating senselessly so cruel, agony

Broken spirit, broken home,

a broken man who can not cope with pain, misery

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