Between The Buried And Me

Between The Buried And Me - Malpractice

Presentin the town baby!


Let me tell you where I was born up

O A K L A N D calfornia

Just like that HBO speical man the corna’

7-10 nigloos on every corna’

Lil’ hot peppahs bustin heads and swarm ya

Betta have a heata boy imma warn ya

Hate and B toe tagged stright to the corner

Playas, pimps, bosses, and thugs every where in oakland california

Verse 1:

Shots rang out

After hours cars bring up

Five times gold shoes bling bout

Side shows cars swing out of control

Og’s on parole

Pockets on swoll

Lg pot to blow

Cops on patrol

AT the light dont stop just go

Fast or slow

blast for doe

Harass a ho

In the cuts task on the low

Brains get smashed in the O’

We at beacon

Man not no texaco

Your flesh get toe’

Oakland be the best fa sho

Hustlin hard till them checks a grow

Wreck ya flow

Neglect a ho

If she reject the strole

Remy dobule deck with Mo

Didnt realize den

But now boy I bet u know

My set the pole

Four to the O’

Market u know

Bleed to the east

So I can get a freak

To let me beat to the beat

Its real deep in these streets


Verse 2:

Town get up

If you hattin boy Shut up

Erry’ city got concerts but us

North pole where I stay I dont stutta

Streets is cold like refrigerated butta

Ask my mudda

We be gutta

Down and trife

The town is hype

Pimps man a will clown ya wife

If ya dont let them come around t’night

Rick got the beat soundin nice

Put it in ur Delt and pound, Thats right

North to the east down to the west

Thugrades will send a few rounds at ya chest

Town full of stress

Smash in a lex

Cashin them checks

Neve eva askin for sex

Lashin I bet

Get ur cash and invest

Or the task will investagate

Suckas need to rest the hate

Oakland calfornia

Livin in the best is great

You think we playin?

Boy u wanna test ur faith ?


Verse 3:

Move or not

Hold chops

That will move ya block

Lil hot peppahs movin rocks

Dyin from them blue jeans that will ruin socks

Youngstas rob and steal just to prove they hot

Boss’s Do like pac

And get arround

Fab I been around in oakland for 19 years

sheaded more then 19 tears

I den lost more then 19 peers

Milla light weak beers

Poured out

Done seen everything

From a crack spouse to a hore house

13 deep in a two bedroom apartment

on the floors and couch

Pimp got a hore for a spouse

And these twerkatwopolis chicks will sex till they wear u out

Oakland like sudden death

If u score u out

Prices sore in a drought

Talk to much and they in ur house

Finna send u out

Men will pout

If ya benz a sprout

So keep ya friends up out


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