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Between The Buried And Me Lyrics

The spring breeze makes the uneasy sound as my dreams crumble
and my future brakes. I have no more...
I want to be with you more. I want to be near you.
I try to hide my weak tears behind a smile, but I can't hide anymore.
My years of dreaming, at the end, will my true self be there?
I tried so hard to bear with it. I even put out my hand. But what it all comes down to was now;
We're in hell under control of him.
So this is the end I tell you, Lights will be turned off and the stage will turn to darkness.
Let me hear your voice more. I still want to be here.
Goodbye to an anonymous girl I loved from my heart.
I remember the promise we made, by the spring breeze I felt in my back.
My tears mix with blood, and it brings to life my new dream in my heart.

Until our voices go out, at last.
Lets sing until our voices go out.

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