Benighted - A

[Ced Gee]

I am dominating, biochemical source

To effect scientific, beats and attitudes

Through my hemispheres, packs and galaxies

Beyond and out of range, far is sent to me

Cause to the left I am blinkin, mega and hype

While absorbing predators, as a scientist

Skilled with medical degrees I combinate

Years on Ampex, experience Ced

Indeed, bioforce parallel MPC

was in-gen-ulity, and ability

I'm the wizard Ced Gee, I'm a scientist!

[Ced Gee]

To DELIVER, such a powerful mic

I'll excite, and I'll also ignite

the crowd to respond to my total formulation

Particular words, designated for a path

that you can sell, a new format combined

And I won't rhyme, but instead I'll refine

the proper use of speech, as I teach

Things physical, change must be rearranged

Passing data of a mode, choosing a code

Kick back the time, then I'll explode

into ATOMS, and the mixture I'll build

Just hammering a mouse, a third, would be evil

to the science, formed expressed by Ced Gee

I'm a scientist!

[Ced Gee]

NOW I'm pickin up speed at a maximum pace

And all nucleus attached, must metriculate

With me the scientist, the man to compel

Against competitors, equal to excel

To a nuclear wave, events and above

all meters, contain precise, the same extended

Opposite to illusion is BASS

There be no confusion

To set my megameters, laboratory stories

I'm gain more glories in all, sorts of categories

To be raised up, a bit

Ced Gee, as an Ultramagnetic, SCIENTIST!

D.. D.. D.. DJ Moe Love

To all the Bronx posse, TR Love, Greg Nice

MC Ronnie T, Kool DJ Red Alert, Boogie Down Productions

Awesome Two, DJ Teddy Ted

And - the Fort Greene Mission Posse


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