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Title:  St. Estephe

Words and Music:  Ted Wulfers  Copyright2001beggarsbridgemusic/ASCAP
Performed by: Ted Wulfers and Beggar's Bridge

Chords Used in this song:
   C   F  Am   G  C/B  G/B


Verse 1.
C              Am    F         C
Met on an interstate bound for Carolina
Am                  C                  F             C
It sure is hard to get there but your soul knows the way
C                   Am      F           C
She had the gift of tongue, laurels and medals
Am              C    F           C
He gave up that life long before today

Chorus 1.
G       F              C
She was fourteen years old
Am     F        C   C/B
He was barely a man
Am        G              F
Now she's pickin' up her life
   G                C        FF C  FF
An' he sings in the band

Verse 2.
Her eyes light up the night like itty bits of sequin
She likes his face, a story of its own
Company's a fright, lonely in Manhattan
Waiting for a savior or to see his show

Chorus 2.
She grew out her hair
Says she wants to be a star
It's a long road to Heaven
From the backseat of a car


Am         G/B      F      C
A dancer, a poet, a living existential
Am         F               C    C/B
Nothing St. Estephe cannot save
Am      G/B          F         C
One can escape from running in circles
Am       F          G
Promises die in the grave

Verse 3.
Night they finally spent, Winona Minnesota
A pretty face was born here, the ugly pass away
Holy is the magic in this life or after
Romance is a stranger, lets a lover stay

Chorus 3.
Now she's twenty years old
An' she's found another man
Now she's lookin' back on life
And he sings in the band

C FF C  FF   C

Great road trippin tune to sing along to or play along to.
Copyright 2001beggarsbridgemusic/ASCAP
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