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Sir Walter Ralegh

(Wulfers, Ted)
Performed by Beggar's Bridge

Intro:  E  A  B  A  
        E  A  B  A
Then it goes into
E  B  C#m  A A  B
E  B  C#m  A A  B
E       B    C#m            A A   B    E  
Times change they can change back again
I don't know, I guess you just want to be friends
That's okay, just don't lie to me
'Cause that's not fair, and that's not how things used to be

Wanna dance, oh, I'll take my chance with you
Just as long as you don't step on me
You should read the writing on the wall
Some of it is oh so funny

E      B         C#m       A    B
I can call you my Queen Elizabeth
E          A                B   Bsus4
And I can be your Walter Ralegh
E      B         C#m       A    B    
I can call you my Queen Elizabeth
E          A                B  A
And I can be your Walter Ralegh

Went to the store, could not find
What I was looking for
I thought I could buy another you
One of a kind, yeah you really, really blew my mind
Another you is oh so hard to find

I can call you my Queen Elizabeth
And I can be your Walter Ralegh
We can sail on my pirate sailing ship
And you can meet my parrot, Polly  Polly

(E A B  here same as intro)
Polly wants a cracker...wants you back


A    E

Copyright 1997 beggarsbridgemusic/ascap
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